Welcome to Eileens Emporium


Once again, thanks to all our customers for their support and tolerance during this crisis. 

We are open for business and trying as hard as we can to get as many orders out as possible. With staffing levels restored to normal we are presently running about a day or two behind. It is much more efficient for us if you are able to place your orders on the website.

Stock is now our main issue. We are getting lots of stock in, but some suppliers are not operating and many are taking much longer than usual to supply. Many of our suppliers are in the same situation as we are, so stock levels are a serious issue. If we have stock orders are quick to process, however where there are shortages it takes at least twice as long to deal with. Please do not chase us until at lease a week has elapsed as this also slows us down, and then by email please.

We are awaiting deliveries from Gibson Wheels, HMRS transfers, Some Slaters Sheets, Vallorbe files and several other items. We are doing our best to resolve these issues.  We will try to notify customers of problems as we process their orders. We are seeing orders for quantities way beyond our normal stock levels on many item, so we are unable to guarantee delivery from stock.

Do not send orders by post, they will not be processed, we have not been in a position to accept cheque payments since all our local banks closed.

We thank you all in advance for your understanding. Stay safe, keep well, keep modelling.

We want to support our customers so, with no shows to collect from, we have now temporarily reduced the threshold of our free UK and CI postage from £100 to £30 for a large letter and £50 for all other shipments. This is applied automatically at checkout and applies to web orders only. If you have already placed an order for show collection we will offer free UK postage for these orders irrespective of value. We are not entertaining personal callers until further notice.

*** Cancelled shows: ***


We are no longer accepting orders for show collection, until further notice.

We are suppliers of a wide range of tools, equipment and materials needed by all model makers, whatever their level of experience or expertise. Many of these products are also useful for other activities including Antiques Restoration, Clock Making, Craft and Beading etc. Please note, most products are normally in stock. Their being shown as available to order does not guarantee they are in stock at that time.

Eileen's Emporium have been in business for over 30 years. See "About Us" for historical details.